Parish Vision Prayer

Father, Son and Spirit, with the aid of your grace, and after much discernment, reflection and prayer, we have been able to finalise our Vision and Mission Statements. It is our earnest desire to implement the decisions we have made, so that the members of your family may really enjoy life in all its fullness. And so we pray to you for the gift of your openness to all peoples, no matter what name they may call you by, no matter what language they may speak. We pray also for involvement in the lives and for the good of others that so characterises you, our God of History.

Mary, Mother of God and our own Mother; Joseph foster Father of Jesus may our family named after your Holy Family have the grace like you to persevere in all our endeavours to bring to fruition the work that you have begun in us.

We make this prayer to you Triune and One God, Father, Son and Spirit who live and reign forever and ever.