Easter Family Prayer

(This blessing formula has been adapted from the Pocket Ritual)

The order for the blessing of families in the home directly pertains to the family and therefore requires the presence of all or most of the family members.

Introductory Rite
An appropriate hymn should be sung here. Eg 'We are gathering together unto Him'

Head of the Family (HF) : Peace be upon our house and all of you.

Family : And also with you.

(In the following or similar words, which should always be adapted to suit the particular situation, the HF prepares those present for the blessing.)

HF : The purpose of this rite of blessingis that Christ may enter our home to bring us His peace and unite our family, with Him being the centre and bond of our union.
Let us, then, prepare ourselves inwardly, so that, through the Holy Spirit, Christ himself will speak to us in the celebration and bring us the comfort of His presence.

Reading of the Word of God
One of the present reads one of the following or any other appropriate text of Sacred Scripture (Colossians 3:12-21 or Ephesians 4:1-6).

As circumstances suggest, the following responsorial psalm (or any other psalm or hymn) may be said or sung.

Psalm 128 :

Response : How blessed are all who fear the Lord!

How blessed are all who fear the Lord,
who walk in his ways!
Your own labours will yield you a living,
happy and prosperous will you be. (Response)

Your wife a fruitful vine
in the inner places of your house.
Your children round your table
like shoots of an olive tree. (Response)

Such are the blessings that fall on those who fear the Lord.
May the Lord bless you from Zion!
May you see Jerusalem prosper all the days of your life,
and live to see your children's children! (Response)

The HF introduces the intercessions. The family members in turn could lead in the intercessions. From the following intentions those best suited may be used or adapted, or other intentions that apply to the particular circumstances may be composed.

HF : My dear loved ones, these are days of our Easter gladness. Through the Holy Spirit, let us pray to the risen Christ, whom the Father has made the beginning and the foundation of our communion with each other. Calling on His name let us say to Him

Response : Lord, stay with us.

Family Member : Lord Jesus Christ, after the resurrection you appeared and gladdened them with the gift of your peace, make this our family aware of your presence and help us to strive to remain close to you in the serenity of your peace. For this let us pray to the Lord
Response : Lord, stay with us.

Family Member : You reached the glory of the resurrection through the humiliation of your passion; teach all of us how to use even our daily trials to build up our house in love. For this let us pray to the Lord
Response : Lord, stay with us.

Family Member : While you were at the table with the disciples you showed yourself to them through the breaking of the bread; as we share in the Eucharist with our Christian community, make us strong in faith and eager witnessed before the world to our faith in you. For this let us pray to the Lord
Response : Lord, stay with us.

Family Member : With the power of the Holy Spirit you filled the house where the disciples were gathered; send the same Holy Spirit upon us with the gifts of peace and joy. For this let us pray to the Lord
Response : Lord, stay with us.

(Add your own intentions.)

HF : Let us now say one 'Our Father', one 'Hail Mary' and 'Glory Be'.

The HF then sprinkles Holy Water on the Altar, on all present and all over the house. S/he now blesses each family member with the Sign of the Cross on the forehead.

The service ends with an appropriate hymn.