Consecration of our Parish Youth to

the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dear Jesus our Friend and Lord,
How great You are!

With Your words and works You have revealed to us
Who God is: Your Father and our Father,
and Who You are: our Saviour, our friend.

You call the youth of our parish to be with you.
May they follow You wherever You go.

You obeyed the Father's will to the extreme
and for this reason You are the Lord of all persons and things.

You Call our youth to work with You.
may they wish to go wherever You send them:
to announce Your name,
to bring all of our brothers and sisters to You.

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Bless all the youth of our parish
Grant them Your Holy Spirit,
to enlighten and strengthen them.

May you be their Life. May their thoughts,
their love and their actions
always be rooted in You!
May their faith in You
always be the solid foundation
of their lives!
We make this prayer in your precious name.